Building on Dentsu’s achievements in sports business, Dentsu Sports Europe was established in 2007 with the following business objectives:
– Expand and explore new business opportunities in sports business
– Strengthen relations with rights holders including international sports federations (e.g.,
IOC, IAAF, FINA, FIFA, UEFA, OCA, R&A, FIVB, Major Football Clubs)
– Further strengthen relations with non-Japanese global brands and media clients. IAAF, FINA, UEFA, Samsung, Omega, Adidas, and IRB represent just some of the major brands and federations with which we are working closely. In addition, we have recently strengthened relationships with European football clubs such as Chelsea FC and many others. In the past five years, Dentsu Sports Europe’s sales force has helped drive sales of more than 200 million USD through Dentsu headquarters.
Over the coming years there are numerous major international events taking place in Europe and particularly in the United Kingdom. Now, Dentsu Sports Europe is ideally positioned to develop and strengthen new and existing relationships and act as the hub of the international Dentsu Sports network.

Corporate Data

COMPANY NAME Dentsu Sports Europe Limited
OFFICE Berger House, 38 Berkeley Square, London, W1J 5AH U.K.
TEL: +44 (0)20 7499 9124
Berger House, 38 Berkeley Square, London, W1J 5AH U.K.

As of Feb. 2012

CEO’s Message

Masa Oshita

Dentsu Sports Europe

At Dentsu Sports Europe, we maintain the Dentsu ethos of delivering dedicated service to our clients throughout Europe. Our aim is to deliver on client’s business objectives through sport.

We are a vastly experienced and dynamic team dedicated to creating additional value whether it be for brands or Rights Holders. We have experience in servicing clients spanning from international federations down to localised brands.

We have a passion for sport and in an ever-evolving market, we are constantly looking for innovative new ways to harness the passionate audience engagement sport generates ? delivering powerful messages which achieve cut through for our clients.

With the support of the Dentsu global network we’re able to deliver on client’s needs whether their focus be international, or domestic.

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